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"Old Black" Neil Young Replica

Same as the neck binding.

Finalizing some small details in order to have it fit like a glove in the neck

and also in the body. Regarding this, a little “trick” for it to not look like the work was not original,

I´ve inserted the body binding inside the neck

Firstly i put the binding work all over the body and cover it tightly with tape

Detail of the binding fitting inside the neck

And I left it to dry out.

After the body binding work I started with the neck binding. I inserted the dots and made it look like an LP Standard with the “nibs” binding.

Same as in the bottom area.

Also same as on the other side. Observe the detail of how it nicely fits the binding with the body contour. Shortly it will be factory-looking after levelling all the surfaces.

A better view of the binding inside the neck

Working on the binding cut

nice overview of the binding glued to the body

The frets are levelled, the fretboard hydrated and other polishing details. The neck looks like this.

The difference now compared with the original pics is very noticeable. Now this is a 100% Standard neck.

Old Black´s back has unique features that are unknown even to this day. The body is crossed through with a band of irregular thickness. Nobody knows with absolute certainty whether it was because of an accident, an ornament, or who knows… The band goes all the way down to the strap button from the top of the headstock.

At the far end it starts narrowing until it reaches the neck and it thickens again and stretches up until the top of the headstock.

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